There are free courses which you can audit and pay a certification fee if you wish to have the certificate when you have completed the course. There are also courses that will require a subscription fee. Some of these courses may include art materials and printed books or notes that will be sent to you (at the moment, delivery can only be within Singapore). We seek to make Big Art! into a sustainable market place for the artists. Most of the fees that you pay will go to the artists and a small part for the maintenance of this platform so that we can continue to bring the joy of art to everyone.

Any artist, art educator or organisation may submit their course materials for us to be put onto Big Art!. We have an internal panel to review the suitability of the content before publishing them. If you have any feedback on any of the published courses, do contact us.

There are different types of courses. Some are totally self-directed where you will have lesson notes and videos by the artist. Generally, you will need to submit work(s) to the artist to demonstrate that your mastery of what was taught. There may also be times during a course in which the artist will be on video live with students enrolled in the course. Make sure you do not miss out on these sessions for the artist to guide you further and even clarify questions you have after watching earlier videos by the artist. Some courses and talks may be live sessions – make sure you note the date and time and log in to Big Art! at the appointed time to join in.

Membership is free. We will also provide storage space for your personal repository of art works. If you are out of diskspace, you may opt to subscribe for more space.

Anyone can. You will need a valid email and contact telephone to be a member. We need this information to verify your identity as you can sign up for courses and the instructors and ourselves may need to contact you during our administration work. However, if you are below 13 years old, you will need your parents to create an account for you. Do not worry. When you are above 13 years old, we will provide you an option to take back ownership of your account.

Membership is also free. You can be both a user as well as a verified artist. Artist can apply to list your courses on our platform. The platform allows for your courses to be monetised when there are paying subscribers or users purchasing certification upon completing the courses. Artists offering courses will enter into an agreement with us governing the manner in which courses can be delivered on this platform.

We wish to have a vibrant environment of learners and creators of art works. Hence, we will provide Big Art! tokens when you complete courses or showcase your works on our platform. In addition, when your works are selected to be on our Showcase, you will earn points and tokens. These tokens may be exchanged for gifts which we will give out from time to time on the platform.

Points are used to determine achievement levels. You will unlock Achievement badges when you reach required levels. The badges are to acknowledge active users who have done lots of learning or have created lots of art works shared with others. The more you share, the more others rate you, the better your badge!

Every piece of work you submit in courses attended in Big Art! and any files you upload will be saved into your personal repository. All members are automatically given 1 GB cloud storage for your repository. It is a good practice to write your artist statement for each work that you post up. When you wish to create an online exhibition for any reason, such as to send the portfolio of your best works to apply for school admission or your dream creative job, or maybe just to create a showcase to shout to the world, you can visit your repository, select the files you want and simply publish them. You can then share the link to your exhibition to anyone.

To keep Big Art! sustainable, if you need more storage space, there are affordable subscription plans so you can keep more of your works.

Little magical elves in our computer will search out new content that are posted by users and artists that have been set to allow for public viewing. These elves will alert our Big Art! administrator who will pick different works to spotlight on our home page, and reward you with points and credits.

Big Art! would require you to be respectful of other users and artists in the community. If there are reports of vulgarity or inappropriate behaviours, our administrator may contact and even remove you if such behaviours persist.

Big Art! does not permit indecent pictures to be published on the platform. Users may report to us of any indecent or inappropriate images. The administrator reserves the right to remove such images to protect our community of users.

Big Art! is a project initiated by a group of art education companies. The owner of Big Art! is The Learning Grid Pte Ltd.