Here is our team


Er Kwong Wah | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Er Kwong Wah


Former Permanent Secretary in Singapore's Ministry of Education.

Mr Izzat Mohd | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Mr Izzat Mohd Ismail


Managing Director EDN group of companies, Honoree in Spirit of Entrepreneur 2012, Board of Governors since 2015 – Spirit of Enterprise, Board of Directors, Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce (2017-2019), Finalist, SMCCI Young Entrepreneur Award 2004

COLIN GOH | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd



COLIN GOH, lawyer; multiple award-winning filmmaker; cartoonist behind two New York Times bestsellers; and co-creator of the children’s comic series Dim Sum Warriors, which was adapted into a giant musical in China and is now the foundation of a multiplatform bilingual language learning system.

Gabriel Lee | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Gabriel Lee


Gabriel Lee is an award-winning violinist who performs actively as a soloist internationally. He is an adjunct faculty at the YST Conservatory of Music (National University of Singapore) and the School of the Arts, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Music Society of Myanmar and serves as a member of the Music Education Advisory Committee at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK).

Executive Team

Yee Jenn Jong | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Yee Jenn Jong


Enterpreneur, former NCMP

Ms Sharon Ngoi | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Ms Sharon Ngoi


Entrepreneur, former Principal of Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten and former HOD in a MOE primary school

Ms Bihan Hamdali | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Ms Bihan Hamdali


15 years of experience in Arts Education

Nora Harun | The Learning Grid Pte Ltd

Nora Harun

Web Administrator

Nora is trained in digital animation and game design. Since 2018, Nora has taught art in schools and created online courses.